RPAL sports and recreation programs inspire youth to live healthy lives, promotes teamwork and cooperation and builds character.

10 - 18 years old
Open to all youth, basketball helps young people learn basic coordination and team-building skills with an added bonus of making new friends along the way and serves as a foundation for staying active later in life.

10 years old and up
Held in our boxing gymnasium, young people have the opportunity to become stronger mentally, physical, and emotionally. Youth develop a strong sense of them self and learn how to rely on one another in a team environment and mentoring each other. They learn communicate skills, how to resolve conflict, and respect one another; the natural values of mental focus and integrity. Lastly they learn how to celebrate success individually and collectively.

Flag Football
10 - 14 years old
Kids who love the sports but parents don't want their children to be hurt, so RPAL flag football is the answer. Young people learn the fundamentals of football without being tackled.

10 - 18 years old
Indoor soccer is very popular in Richmond. Youth are welcome to join come and play whenever there is a game going. Although the game is fun, young people are learning the fundamentals of soccer while getting a great workout.

Northern California Golf Assoc. Junior Golf

13 - 17 years old
Sponsored by the Northern California Golf Association, young people learn golf principles, how to use golf equipment correctly, the fundamentals of the swing and the grip, aim and stance, replacing divots, the different types of putters, and how to keep score.

Indoor Tennis
10 - 18 years old
With limited access to outdoor tennis courts in Richmond, RPAL brought tennis indoors. Youth can learn the fundamental of tennis indoors year-round.

Workshops B4 Jump Shots (Midnight Basketball)

18 years old and up
Every Friday night, Workshops B4 Jump Shots offers life skills, counseling and additional resources coupled with late night basketball. In order to get on the court, players must participate in a series of workshops that improve their quality of life.