RPAL sports leagues assist in breaking the vicious cycle of inactivity and unhealthy lifestyle by increasing time spent away from entertainment media and minimizing unnecessary snacking.
Jr. Giants Baseball
10 - 13 years old
Summer baseball program played all over the city of Richmond. Jr. Giants Baseball is not only fun, the players learn the Junior Giants Four Bases of Character Development: Confidence, Integrity, Leadership and Teamwork, as well as the importance of Health, Education and Bullying Prevention.
Little League/Jr. Giants Baseball & Softball
4 - 16 years old
RPAL believes in fitness year-round, Little League Baseball and Softball is a continuation of Jr. Giants Baseball. It continues to emphasis the Giants Four Bases of Character Development.
Developmental League
5 - 10 years old
This program is for novice boys and girls ages 5 to 10 to learn the game of basketball through league practice and games.  January - March only.
RPAL Travel Basketball Team 
 Boys, 14 years old and under 
Year-round, competitive level basketball leagues.  RPAL travel basketball team members must tryout yearly.